Published on : 27 May 20203 min reading time

Even made of yellow gold, over time the ring gets dirty and loses all its luster. So what can you do to give it a new look? What are the natural tricks to take good care of a yellow gold ring?

How do I clean a yellow gold ring?

There are several natural solutions that can revive the colour of your yellow gold ring. To clean a gold ring, you can use, for example, coca-cola, soapy water, alcohol with blanc de Meudon, water with baking soda or hot water with a few drops of white vinegar. The principle is simple. Leave the jewel to soak for a few minutes in the mixture. Then take a toothbrush (preferably with soft and supple bristles) and rub the ring gently. Rinse with clear water (or lukewarm water) and place on absorbent paper. Finally, dry with a soft cloth and enjoy the result. Your ring will be as good as new.

What else can I use to make the yellow gold ring shine?

Other tricks are less common, but effective for restoring the shine to a yellow gold jewel:

The breadcrumb: rub your ring with a slice of breadcrumbs. Do not stop until you are satisfied with the result.

Toothpaste: Coat the entire surface with toothpaste and rub lightly with a toothbrush. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly and dry.

The onion: despite its somewhat unpleasant smell, the onion is very effective in making yellow gold jewellery shine. Pour onion juice on the ring and rub gently. At the end, pass a chamois leather through the ring.

How to extend the life of a gold ring?

If your jewellery is adorned with precious stones, you should be very careful. Indeed, some stones are very fragile and a strong manipulation risks damaging them. To do this, adapt the type of cleaning according to the stone. For example, avoid hot water with pearl and emerald. In addition, chemical and cosmetic products should be avoided. They can damage the stones.

Also, it is strongly advised to remove your jewellery when you do household chores (or wear gloves to protect them), sports or other manual activities. Why should you remove your jewellery? Because perspiration is the main cause of oxidation of gold jewellery. To close, file your jewellery in a box with different compartments to separate the jewellery by material.