In ancient times, long before the discovery of conventional medicine, man used natural objects such as plants and stones to treat himself. In some cultures, these ancestral skills are transmitted from generation to generation. If in Chinese culture, the use of acupuncture, chi gong or taichi are still current, in other regions stones are useful to heal oneself. One speaks then about lithotherapy. But what is lithotherapy? How to benefit from it? And which jewels are the most effective?

What is lithotherapy?

Etymologically, lithotherapy means stone therapy. The two words "lithos" and "therapia", composed to form the word lithotherapy actually come from the Greek meaning respectively stone and cure. It is therefore the alternative medicine that uses stones and crystals as the main medicines to bring well-being or soothe pain, or even to correct certain digestive, stress or sleep problems. The stones actually emit vibrations and resonances that affect the organic minerals of the human metabolism. These vibrations help to protect against bad waves.

What are its benefits?

Lithotherapy can be used preventively or curatively. In both cases, the virtues of lithotherapy can be felt just by placing the stones in a room such as a bedroom or on specific areas of the body or by wearing them as jewellery to take advantage of them. In fact, lithotherapy is usually in the form of a jewel. In fact, there are many varieties of lithotherapy jewellery with precious or semi-precious stones with therapeutic properties, ranging from rings with imposing stones, through gold or silver bracelets decorated with stones, to necklaces made entirely of stone or only as a pendant.

Which jewellery to choose?

The most frequent are the stone necklaces. They exist in several sizes going of the necklaces short of the neck while passing by the necklaces chocker until the long necklaces of approximately 100 cm. They are available with stones of different sizes and colours, adapted to all styles with gold or silver clasps. Worn close to the heart, lithotherapeutic necklaces are ideal for all types of health problems. But no matter the shape or nature of the jewel, the important thing is that the stones used in treatment must be natural. Treated or untreated, natural stones retain their chemical and energetic properties, as the treatments are only intended to accentuate the colour of the stone or improve its appearance.