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Vintage Watches: Bridging the Past and Present of Horology

Delving into the realm of vintage watches illuminates the intricate bridge between horology’s illustrious past and its innovative present. This journey unveils the masterful craftsmanship behind each dial and balance, spotlighting iconic brands ranging from Rolex to Patek Philippe. As…

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Which rush bracelet to wear this summer?

The bracelet, as an item of clothing and jewellery, can come in several forms. In most cases, it serves as a symbol. But wearing a bracelet can be for various reasons such as good luck, remote monitoring, for health reasons…

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Why are we cracking on the choker necklace?

Hey, ladies! This year, don’t forget to add the choker necklace to your “must have” list. Yep, the big trend of the ’90s is back in full force. Seen on the catwalk during the famous Fashion Week fashion show, the…

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