Gold Jewellery

Tips for cleaning a yellow gold ring

Even made of yellow gold, over time the ring gets dirty and loses all its luster. So what can you do to give it a new look? What are the natural tricks to take good care of a yellow gold…

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New trend: how and with what to wear pink gold?

Lately, rose gold jewellery has been getting more and more attention. In the space of just a few seasons, they have managed to establish themselves as the summer’s favourite accessories.  But, how and with what to wear them so as…

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Gold jewellery and first name: the trend towards personalization

The trend is still towards personalised gifts: a unique object for a unique person. People who are looking for uniqueness are looking for gifts that reflect the identity of the person they want to give it to or that testify…

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How do you choose and wear gold jewellery when you’re a man?

Gold is a very valuable metal. The higher the carat, the higher its value and the higher its price. A piece of gold jewellery is usually worth 18 carats. Gold jewellery can be worn by both men and women without…

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Solid gold or gold-plated jewellery: differences and manufacturing secrets

Gold is a precious metal. It comes from the ground and is really hard to find. It has been used for ages to adorn oneself and to express wealth. It is used for various pieces of jewellery such as rings,…

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