The trend is still towards personalised gifts: a unique object for a unique person. People who are looking for uniqueness are looking for gifts that reflect the identity of the person they want to give it to or that testify to the nature of their relationship. Among the gifts that are always popular are personalized jewellery. In fact, when it comes to customizing jewellery, you have a wide choice of the type of engraving you want to make. It is the same for metal, you have gold, silver, bronze, or stainless steel.

The popular name engraving on gold

Just like gold, this noble and timeless metal, the idea of engraving a jewel is timeless. In jewellery, the demand for personalised jewellery is increasing more and more each year. Which is not surprising when it comes to gold. To personalize a gold jewel is to multiply its authenticity and originality a hundred times over. A first name is very easy to put on a gold jewel. Notably on a pretty gold baby's bracelet, on a small pendant for children, or on a ring or even a wedding band. Both elegant and unalterable, a gold jewel engraved with a first name or a nickname is the perfect gift to give to your loved ones. In addition, be sure to choose an engravable surface corresponding to the word you want to engrave to make it easier to read. Otherwise, if you don't have the budget, don't panic. You can opt for a smaller piece of jewellery and write initials on it. It's expressive yet discreet.

One or more first names: it's up to you

To personalize a gold jewel, there is nothing better than having one or more meaningful words engraved. The trend is for these jewels to be engraved with several first names. The children's names are engraved on small gold plates, connected by rings, to form a superb bracelet chain. You can also gather the grandchildren's names on a pendant, to give to grandparents, so that they will feel as if they have their treasures close to their hearts.

Which gold to choose?

Don't forget that there are several types of gold with which you can have your jewellery made. The best known is yellow gold. It remains unmistakable because of its colour, as it is the closest to that of pure gold. But other equally elegant colours exist; white, pink, grey, purple, green, blue or black. Some are better known than others, but their common element remains their prestige and authenticity.