Hey, ladies! This year, don't forget to add the choker necklace to your "must have" list. Yep, the big trend of the '90s is back in full force. Seen on the catwalk during the famous Fashion Week fashion show, the very short necklace is celebrating its hour of glory, or rather reliving it. The proof: fashion stars such as the influential Kendall Jenner can't do without it since last year. This accessory, also known as a choker, torque or dog collar, has never been so stylish this summer.

How to choose the choker collar?

The dog collar has evolved a lot in terms of shape: leather, lace, ribbon... In general, the choker collar goes perfectly with all styles. However, it is necessary to pay attention to your morphology not to fall into ridicule. For those who have a small neck, the best is to choose a thin one. On the other hand, the wide shapes are perfect for those who have a more extended neck. For a rock'n'roll look, opt for a charm choker. If, on the other hand, you represent a soft personality, a choker with brighter colours will suit you. You can also create your own necklace, for a personalized version. Velvet is the big trend this season.

How to wear it?

The advantage with the crew neck is that it goes everywhere. It can be worn as a neckline, round or v-neck, bustier, etc., except for the turtleneck of course. There is no point in wearing it unless it is placed over the turtleneck. It would be even sexier the way we like it. The choker necklace goes easily with other jewellery. However, one must be careful not to overdo it, because the little necklace itself is already very sharp. In short, whatever your style, don't hesitate to add a little pep to your look.

The choker necklace: a means of expression

Daring, sexy and fatal, the choker is indeed an erotic jewel. To each shape corresponds a symbolic message. So to be understood, you have to adopt the right necklace. In general, the choker necklace reveals different approaches and personalities: the sexy, bohemian, precious romantic, and youthful choker. It is clear that the dress code will greatly influence the wearer of the dog collar in the right way. So, be sublime, as Christian said, with the collar up to scratch.