Jewellery and lithotherapy

How to find a genuine amber stone?

Although it is classified as a gemstone, it is not really a precious stone. Indeed, it is neither a stone nor a mineral, it is formed from a pine tree, a resin or fossilised sap. This stone, which is in…

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Are there any concordances between the stones and the astrological signs?

The symbols of the zodiac are arranged according to the position of the planet at the time of birth. The stars that are surrounded by an electromagnetic field propagate cosmic vibrations that are absorbed by the crystals and stones. Thus,…

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Lithotherapy: for more efficiency which jewel should be worn? Necklace, ring, bracelet?

In ancient times, long before the discovery of conventional medicine, man used natural objects such as plants and stones to treat himself. In some cultures, these ancestral skills are transmitted from generation to generation. If in Chinese culture, the use…

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Small maintenance guide for stone and mineral jewellery

To sublimate your everyday outfits, there’s nothing like beautiful stone jewellery. However, to keep their lustre over time and the energy they contain, you must maintain them regularly. Here are a few tips to help you do this properly. What…

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Are you familiar with magnetotherapy?

Magnetic therapy uses the forces of magnets to improve well-being and health. Since many people do not yet know what it is all about, the question that arises is what is magnetotherapy? How does it work? Is there a contraindication?…

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Jewellery made of stones / minerals: how to recharge them?

Natural stones are in constant interaction with their environment. They deliver their benefits and virtue in the rooms where they are placed but also to the people who are in direct contact with them. At the same time, they absorb…

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