Magnetic therapy uses the forces of magnets to improve well-being and health. Since many people do not yet know what it is all about, the question that arises is what is magnetotherapy? How does it work? Is there a contraindication?

What exactly is magnetotherapy?

Magnetic therapy is a natural and gentle method of treatment using magnetic fields. A treatment that is done with the help of natural stone objects or a magnet. Magnets are used to treat countless health problems such as insomnia, chronic pain, migraines, healing disorders, daily stress and permanent suffering. There are two groups of magnets: permanent magnets or static magnets that have an invariable magnetic field and pulsed magnets with a variable magnetic field that requires a connection to an electrical source. Most over-the-counter magnets are attached to permanent or static magnets. These are low intensity magnets that can be used individually and independently. Pulsed magnets are commercially available as small, portable devices. They are most often used in practices under therapeutic supervision.

How does it work and is it effective?

Magnetic therapy or treatment with magnets is a simple and very effective method that can help you to recover energy and bring about a proper sense of well-being and good health. Just wear them on magnetic jewellery such as bracelets, rings, necklaces or an accessory such as a belt or pillow that attaches a magnetic plate. In this way, they can be used preventively or curatively without worrying about the negative effects. It should be noted that this method does not replace modern medicine, but is complementary to it. The method can also be applied to animals.

Is there a contraindication?

The practice of magnetotherapy is, however, contraindicated for certain people. For example, people who have a pacemaker (heart pacemaker device) or a similar mechanism cannot wear or stand close to electromagnetic fields. Magnets can cause the device to become out of adjustment. People with blood circulation problems should also be kept away, as the expansion created by electromagnetic fields can cause a risk of bleeding. Pregnant women, skin patch wearers and people with low blood pressure are strongly advised to avoid this method to prevent any possible risk.