Although it is classified as a gemstone, it is not really a precious stone. Indeed, it is neither a stone nor a mineral, it is formed from a pine tree, a resin or fossilised sap. This stone, which is in fact a fossilised resin, has long been proven to provide relief to the wearer. Amber soothes young children when their teeth ‘grow’ (baby necklace). Amber also acts on the respiratory tract and allergies. Above all, amber ‘sucks’ as much as it can from illness and gives vitality back to a weak and exhausted person. Amber is both aesthetically pleasing and has medicinal properties. Amber must be in contact with the skin and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or pendant. The dangers to babies of wearing an amber collar are minimal if a specific collar is chosen.

Places to find amber

To recognise a genuine amber stone, you have to dissolve two tablespoons of salt in 200 ml of water and place the stone on it. If it flows slowly, it is certainly amber, but if it flows like a pebble, it is not a real amber. According to Devo Digest, it is around the Baltic Sea that there is a large amount of amber. Finding amber stones therefore depends mainly on specific climatic conditions. To find amber on the shore, the stones have to be blown up from the bottom of the sea by strong winds.

The beaches of Europe are famous for their amber deposits, but amber can also be found all over the world. Another way to check if it’s amber is to rub the stone against the arm of a sweater. Then, you have to hold the stone against the arms hair and if it stands up, it is definitely a real amber stone. If you want to find amber, you can walk along the tides because that’s where it is deposited, most of the time. It is also found in shipwrecks and seaweed piles.

Earth amber is less valuable than sea amber because it is wrapped in crust. The extracted amber does not have a polished and smooth surface like sea amber forged by the waves and found in seaweed.

Nowadays, you have the possibility to buy ambers online, 1 of a kind.

The amber stone and its powers facilitating sleep

Amber has been used since the dawn of time for its medicinal virtues and in jewellery. It is also used in litho therapy.

Amber has many physical virtues. Amber magnetizes as it is negatively charged when it contacts the skin. It emits negative ions and becomes electrostatic by losing electrons during friction. Since Thales, its electrostatic properties have been discovered. To relieve our stress, negative ions are very effective. Facilitating sleep and the soothing virtues are explained by its physical property.

A purifying substance, yellow amber is recommended for people suffering from depression or prone to anxiety. The amber emits negative ions giving back dynamism and clarity of mind, and strengthens motivation. It promotes well-being and a positive mental state.

Amber is a natural, fossilised plant resin to which many virtues are attributed.

There are generally 2 kinds of amber, grey and yellow, in this case it is yellow which is used for necklaces with its honey, orange colour. It is according to the nature of the grounds that amber will take its more or less clear colour. It is also why you will sometimes find plant or animal inclusions in some stones.

You can find the amber necklace in different colours. These differences in colour result from a variety of pine from which the resin comes from, the soil in which the amber was fossilised, or climatic events: milky yellow amber comes from the wind that emulsified the resin on the tree.

Therefore, the amber necklace can be yellow, black, cognac, green, cherry or blue and this in all declinations. The amber necklace is known since ancient times for its benefits on the skin and mood. Amber is a fossilised oleoresin, i.e. a fossilised resin coming mainly from the Baltic Sea, an ancient primitive forest dated between 45 and 65 million years ago.

Genuine amber stone: Immune Defences

One of the main virtues attributed to amber is purification. Historically, amber was burned as incense to fight germs and viruses. Amber promotes the healing process by stimulating the immune system, and helps to fight fatigue. Yellow amber is particularly indicated in infections of the ENT sphere such as oral infections, sore throat and other sore throats, or ear infections.

Wearing an amber necklace would help to eradicate pain and infections, via the anti-inflammatory action of the resin. Necklaces of amber beads are traditionally recommended for infants and young children, especially in case of painful teething. Be careful, however, to choose a strong necklace, with knots between each pearl to avoid any risk of ingestion if the necklace should break. Furthermore, do not leave a child wearing a necklace unattended: it is preferable to remove it during the night and naps, because of the risk of strangulation.

Yellow amber is recommended to prevent and soothe allergies, as well as conditions due to these allergens, such as asthma or eczema. It would work wonders against animal allergies, hay fever and pollen allergies, among others.

Amber should be tried as a pain reliever for joint and inflammatory disorders such as rheumatism or osteoarthritis. The effectiveness of amber would even extend to muscular and skeletal pain.

Putting amber in the sun is the best way to recharge it. This method should be done in the rising sun once a day for about 3 hours or once a week for a few hours. The sunlight will be absorbed by the amber during this time. It is also a way to solidify and dry the stone.

The effectiveness of wearing a natural amber necklace

An amber necklace, worn in contact with our skin, is a negative ion emitter.

The most plausible hypothesis concerning the virtues of amber due to its chemistry is linked to the presence of terpene oils in amber.

Contrary to what one might think, amber is not an inert material and has many volatile elements.

In contact with the skin, by friction and by the heat that our body gives off, there is a real exchange between amber and our body.

This one then receives molecules of succinic acid, camphor, terpenes.

These are, of course, minute doses, but they are sufficient to act positively.

Amber is neither a precious stone nor a semi-precious stone, so it must be purified and recharged differently. The purification makes it possible to discharge all the negative energies that accumulated in your amber necklace. Recharging it on the contrary makes it possible to fill it with positive energies in order to feel all the benefits of Amber on your body.

It sometimes happens that certain litho-therapists judge useless purification and the recharging. However, many people who have done so have found it to be more effective and provide better relief from teething problems in babies. In any case, don’t forget to recharge your baby’s teeth even if you don’t purify them.

Natural stones to associate with amber

The virtues of amber can be associated with the benefits of natural stones. So you can wear natural stone jewellery combined with amber.

The ruby ‘the queen of gemstones’ is a very dynamic stone. This stone develops enthusiasm and the desire to live well, in joy and good mood. Ruby is also an excellent communication stone. Associated with the eye of tiger, it reduces memory disorders.

We could devote an entire book to the benefits of the Rock Crystal, but if we have to sum up in two words the virtues of this stone, the Rock Crystal is the stone of well-being. The Rock Crystal allows us to find the balance that the human being is looking for; Balances our emotions, calms the mind, keeps us in good physical and moral health. It is often called the ‘Prince of Minerals’ but only this stone can help us to find a state of well-being and harmony. It’s up to us to let our feelings guide us in choosing our Rock Crystal.

Rose quartz is a major stone in litotherapy. First of all, it is the stone of reference to find a peaceful sleep. The ‘panoply’ of the good sleeper is a rough pink quartz (rather flat) under the pillow or on the bedside table (but less effective) And a polished pink quartz pebble that you will be able to take in hand to fall asleep or ‘go back to sleep’ if your sleep is cut off. This stone has proven itself on many people, we can only advise it to make ‘a big dodo’. Rose quartz is also the stone of children, many of them are often attracted by this stone. Indeed, it is a stone that soothes children’s little sorrows. Rose quartz is also suitable for nervous, restless children. It is a stone which reassures, the pink quartz also fights against the night anguishes and the nightmares.