To sublimate your everyday outfits, there's nothing like beautiful stone jewellery. However, to keep their lustre over time and the energy they contain, you must maintain them regularly. Here are a few tips to help you do this properly.

What should you use to clean stone jewellery?

Nowadays, you don't just buy stone jewellery for its aesthetic appeal. They are becoming more and more popular with lithotherapy enthusiasts. It is a therapeutic discipline that treats patients with crystals and their energy. Labradorite, Aqua, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Amethyst... Each stone has its specificities and virtues. It is moreover with the aim of preserving the energy contained in these stones that it is essential to take care of stone jewellery. Any specialist in health stones and lithotherapy recommends to pass a stone jewel under running water twice a month in order to eliminate the negative energy it has accumulated. Please note that certain stones should not be cleaned with ammonia-based products or rubbed with abrasive particles.

How to purify stone jewellery?

The next step to properly care for a stone jewel after cleaning is purification. There are several methods to purify a stone. The first is to deposit them on a quartz heap for a whole day. Another method is to use an amethyst geode. Others also use a purification by fumigating incense. It is enough to pass the stone jewels several times through the volutes of smoke. It is recommended to purify the stones indoors to avoid bad weather.

How to recharge the energy of the stone jewels?

Once the stone jewels are purified, it will be essential to proceed to an energetic recharging. Without energy, they are indeed not worth much in the field of lithotherapy. To give back to a stone all its energetic potential, we have several choices. One can in particular expose it the night come to the lunar light, during the phase of the rising moon. Only a few hours are enough to recharge it. The sun can also recharge a stone, but make sure to cover it to prevent it from fading. The quartz cluster or amethyst geode also allows energy recharging, in addition to purification. For stone jewellery that is worn permanently, it is imperative to purify and recharge it every week.