Natural stones are in constant interaction with their environment. They deliver their benefits and virtue in the rooms where they are placed but also to the people who are in direct contact with them. At the same time, they absorb negative and impure waves. It is therefore logical that they gradually lose their effectiveness. Regular recharging is then necessary. But how can this be done? Here are the answers to this question.

Recharging by symbols and shape waves

The symbol of the flower of life recharges and purifies the minerals at the same time. This method can be applied to all stones. A flower of life should be drawn, printed or purchased. Afterwards, you should put the stone on it and wait 24 hours for an optimal recharging. Just like the flower of life, the technique of shape waves acts in the same way on the stones to be recharged. It can be practiced in different ways and is effective. For example, you should place 10 rolled Shungite stones in a circular shape and put the stone in the middle.

Recharging by light and heat

Sun or moonlight is an ideal way to recharge stone jewellery. It is done by placing the stone outside, in the garden, or on window sills. Charging by sunlight is faster than by moonlight. Indeed, 1 to 2 hours of time are enough with the energy of the daytime star, whereas with the moon, it is necessary to let the stone reload a whole night. However, one must be careful because some minerals lose their colour and brilliance in direct contact with the sun's rays (pink quartz, Celestine, amethyst, etc.). It is also possible to restore strength and vigour to minerals by placing them over a flame. This should be done with great care.

Recharging by geodes

The geodes (rounded and hollow stones with the inside covered with crystals) are real energy gathering points. There are two categories of geodes: those made of rock crystal and those made of amethyst. To recharge the stone jewel, it must be placed in the hollow of the geode. The stone must be left for a day to replenish its energy. Attention, it is necessary to think of recharging the geode because being also a natural stone, its energy can also fade.