The symbols of the zodiac are arranged according to the position of the planet at the time of birth. The stars that are surrounded by an electromagnetic field propagate cosmic vibrations that are absorbed by the crystals and stones. Thus, the stones, too, are associated with a planet that corresponds to your zodiac sign, hence the notion of birthstones. Birthstones correspond to minerals that are associated with your zodiacal sign. The properties of semi-precious stones on man really take into account his day of birth. Minerals filter positive waves and bring luck, happiness, power, power, vitality to the wearer. This phenomenon explains the link between stones and astrological signs. The properties of the stones act on the emotion, the physical and mental of the wearer. Thus, minerals have positive impacts on the three (3) planes of man's daily life, work, love and health. The jewel and astrological sign is ideal to benefit from the virtues of stones.

Which stones for an Aries?

The Ruby is an ideal stone for the natives of Aries. It symbolizes boldness, stimulates ambition. On the sentimental level, the rams are of the reserved kind and have difficulty in expressing its feelings. Sodalite and Lapis lazuli are the stones of love to be prioritized more. The eye of tiger or Labradonite bring to daily wear to alleviate problems of sight, such as cataract.

The ideal stone for Taurus

On the professional side, Taurus should carry the eye of the tiger, which stimulates the creative spirit, and Lapis lazuli. The Taurus sign always has a hard time turning the page after a love breakup. Green Jade is ideal to remedy this emotional shock. On health, the Amethyst stone is ideal for Taurus. It improves the quality of sleep and prevents insomnia.

Stones of the astrological sign Gemini

Gemini natives appreciate change and exploration. To stipulate this quality, Labradorite or Malachite should ideally be brought to work. On the love side, the Gemini sign feels the need for a little attention and has a deep feeling. To feel happy, the Turquoise or Lapis lazuli help you to express without complex, your feelings towards the chosen one of your heart.