Gold is a precious metal. It comes from the ground and is really hard to find. It has been used for ages to adorn oneself and to express wealth. It is used for various pieces of jewellery such as rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. It is a precious metal.

Solid gold jewellery: what is it and how is it made?

What is solid gold? It should be noted that solid gold is different from natural gold. It is not possible to make a piece of jewellery with 100% pure gold, because it tends to deform when cold. It therefore requires an alloy. For the French standard, the purity of gold is measured in carats. And gold is classified as solid when it is at least 18 carats. It is not possible to make a jewel with 100% pure gold, because it tends to deform when cold... Solid gold lasts longer and does not tarnish. Solid gold is punched with an eagle's head. And this has been obligatory since 1797.

Gold-plated jewellery: what is it and how is it made

The base of a gold-plated jewel is a reproduction of gold. According to common people, gold-plated jewellery is any metal that is covered with a layer of gold. But that's really not the case. There is a real definition of what is called gold-plated jewellery. In the French standard, brass is used, which is covered by electrolysis or electroplating with a layer of gold of 16 carats and a thickness of 3 microns. One can use gold mixed with other metals to have different colours. A gold-plated jewel is punched and most of the time, the punching bears the initials of the person who made it.

What types of jewellery to choose?

It all depends on the context and the point of view. If you look at it from the point of view of resistance, people will tend to lean towards solid gold jewellery. Indeed, gold is one of the symbols of infinity. For those who are going to look more from a budget point of view, they will tend to choose gold-plated jewellery. Indeed, this type of jewellery will allow them to indulge themselves, without ruining themselves in jewellery at astronomical prices. The differences between solid gold and gold-plated are really numerous. But the most notable are those mentioned above: price and duration.