Personalized jewellery

For some people, wearing jewellery is a way to stand out in terms of appearance. To further accentuate the uniqueness of the accessory worn, personalization is a possible alternative. The possibilities are endless. For example, women can opt for necklaces bearing their first names or even their initials engraved on a pendant. This is not the only option. The choice of the type of materials as well as the addition of other accessories which accompany it are other forms of personalization.

Guidelines for matching clothes and jewellery

Jewellery matching physique

Pay attention to the colour combination

Choice of personalized jewellery

Choice of jewellery according to the event

Jewellery and clothing styles

Harmony with designer jewellery

Jewellery made of precious stones and natural minerals

To give more luxury to jewellery, some designers and great jewellers integrate precious stones such as diamond, emerald or sapphire. This goldsmith’s work requires know-how to cut them to obtain the shape and size expected. Natural minerals are another type of stone used in the manufacture of jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces…agate, amethyst and quartz are examples. Some attribute extraordinary virtues and therapeutic powers to them.

Jewels, watches and jewellery

Beaded jewellery

Bead jewellery is a very old type of jewellery. They are worn around the neck, wrist and in the ears.

Men’s watches

Accessories most frequently worn by men around the wrist. They are distinguished by the shape of the case, the material of the bracelet…

Women’s watches

Women’s watches come in several types characterized by different strap shapes and colours.

Fancy necklaces

Necklaces that break away from classic necklaces in terms of design, materials and colours.


These are jewels that are very popular with women. There are several models such as hooks, rings, sleepers…

Engagement ring

A piece of jewellery given to a woman on the occasion of her engagement. It can be made with different materials (gold, silver…).

Key jewellery categories

Arm jewellery

This category includes all jewellery worn on the arms. The most commonly worn on this part of the body and more precisely around the wrists, are bracelets. Some women’s jewellery is even worn on bare arms below the shoulders and rolled up. These are original accessories in terms of design.

Neck jewellery

The necklace is the accessory par excellence that a woman wears around her neck. The possibilities to personalize it are infinite and depend on tastes. It can be a simple chain in gold, silver…with or without a pendant. If you do not appreciate the sobriety of this one, opt ladies for a fancy necklace.

Head jewellery

The main role of head jewellery is to enhance a hairstyle. They can be worn daily or on special occasions such as a wedding ceremony. They can be metal chains, headbands, crowns set with rhinestones of fake jewels or precious stones in the case of a very luxurious accessory.